Thursday, 16 August 2012

Talley Ho.........

Me at The Mulberry Bush at Lampeter on Tuesday admiring the art of Jane Davies of Metier Mosaics
we have been in Wales for a few days ....we went to Talley Abbey and had a very peaceful time exploring the Abbey ruins
We sat by the lake and did some birdwatching......
and a walk in the graveyard..........
Enjoy Jane's artwork ........we did ........


  1. green grass and blue skies plus wonderful buildings and art. you must be drinking in and filling up with good ideas.I always come home from trip ready to work on an art project.

  2. OH i LOVE ruins!!! all that OLD stone...and the ancient gravestones...the archway is awesome!!

    you look SO good lorna!! and Janes artwork is cool...(but not as cool as yours!)


  3. What beautiful photographs Lorna. Such lovely skies. I love Jane's art ... I think I've seen it on your blog before.


  4. I love old graveyards. Very cool shots of that. I wish I were there.

  5. Really stunning views. Love the pic of you gazing out across the pond to the hillside above. Magical place as is Jane''s work. YOU look so pretty and relaxed, you have come into your own my friend. I see Mr. Jim's lovely locks are coming back. xox

  6. looking beautiful as alwaysxx Great imagesx

  7. Thank you for sharing a link to your lovely blog! I checked out your other blog as well. Beautiful and inspiring. So fun to look through some of your works of art!!

  8. You always have such pretty adventures to share! I love seeing these photos.


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