Saturday, 4 August 2012

Cheesefoot Head .......a Cheesy tale

It's hard to believe that Jim has never seen a crop circle despite his Dad and his friend being one of the first people to make them.......but his Dad kept it a secret from his family for years ....and when they did 'come clean' to the world, a time of excitement turned sour when the so-called 'experts' slated doubt because the'experts' were making shed loads of money out of keeping crop circles as a mystery it was a bitter sweet experience for Jim......anyway as in my last but one post Jim visited The Barge and met some brilliant people and Jim was delighted and moved to see his Dad's legacy continuing.
So we went out to Cheesefoot Head near where we live to see if we could find any as we had heard there had been some activity here ........the scenery is spectacular and the evening was a perfect Summer's evening........
The cornfields stretched forever .......
And here is one's difficult to see the design from the ground but it's here alright........
Cheesy grin on Cheesefoot head.......:)


  1. WOW sounds really fun wish i went there with you.......xxxx

  2. FUN stuff and a great way to spend a day!
    xxox, jill

  3. Such beautiful photos...

    Somewhere else I have never been.... only seen from the car. It's going on my 'to do' list

    it looks glorious...


  4. i can hardly imagine how jim feels...actually SEEING the huge creations made by his dad!! not just to SEE them, but to stand right there...on the ground...on the flattened grasses...WOW!!

    i guess his cheesy grin says it all!! :)

  5. You both look so happy....lovely views. xox


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