Saturday, 1 October 2011

Thank you from Jim.....and Gracie....

thanks for voting for Jim's picture the winner is number 1 which was Gracie's favourite too ........look out for the new style website soon ......xx


  1. Is Gracie howling at the moon there? I think we were channeling you yesterday at the antique shop in the town wher Corrine's studio. There was an antique Singer sewing machine that they were practically giving away. David just had to get it for me for my birthday. Getting it to one of our abodes is a whole other problem. It will live in storage at Corrine's until we figure that out!
    Anyway, we both though of you.
    xoxo Kim ( sitting in an airport all night for an excruciatngly long layover)

  2. ok...once again lorna...i'm way behind...and reading backwards!! so now i'll go see what this voting was all about... :)

  3. cute cute pup in a colorful surrounds.

  4. Gracie must be howling at the moon like Kim said, or just telling everyone to keep off the sofa so she can sleep! xox Corrine


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