Thursday, 29 September 2011

This one ....or that one ???

No 1 Arty shot of Jim outside our shed.....

No 2 serious shot in his studio (actually in our bedroom)................or ......

No 3 my handsome man smiling outside our shed .....

Which photo should Jim have as the front page of his website ? He needs to change the dreadlocked Jim to new look Jim !!.......No 1 or No 2 or No 3????........
..thank you for voting ........x


  1. Although I like all three, one can't but love the smile in no.3.


  3. Number One - it's brilliantly angled so that the head and neck of the guitar draw your attention straight to Jim without too much distraction. Great shot!

  4. I'd say #1 because of the composition and the angle of the guitar reminds me of the perspective of your sewing machine tattoo.
    My mother also chooses this one so this is two votes for #1
    He's adorable in all of them of course!
    xoxo Kim

  5. I liike #2. Shows more of Jim and his smile! xox Corrine

  6. I vote for number one -- don't know whether that already came through (blogger choked up momentarily). xo

  7. Number 1 without a doubt. Number 2 is a little too busy which detracts from Jim and number 3 is a little posed looking - it doesn't look as if he's actually playing the guitar.

  8. My feedback...
    Shot 1 Fantastic publicity image- striking, great composition, lighting, expression etc
    Shot 2 ok smaller image to go with biography or workshop info
    Shot 3 friendly ok image but looks a little staged, would have been improved by direct eye contact with the viewer.

  9. I like #1. wow, you two are just a couple of cool cats hanging out singing and stitchin. love it!

  10. ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i didn't pick it because i knew it already won! haha. love the angle...really cool shot!! yeah gracie...great minds think alike!! ha!

  11. thanks everyone for voting number 1 has most votes so will be appearing soon on Jim's website .........thank you all for taking the time to vote ....x

  12. No 3....but all three are greatx lynda


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