Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Knits and knots .....

Some of my knitting samples ..more of these later ........


  1. Loving those ATC's Lorna and your knits are looking so wonderful, cant wait to see more....sorry you didnt make Ally Pally and hope yr feeling a little better xx

  2. I love the little bits of samples you sent me! I always knew you were a bit of a knotty girl too.
    xoxo Kim

  3. wow how cool is that transferring yoga picture on to the surface of the wool. Like all your wool samples too..its deffo that time of year again with the cold on its way

  4. Are you using the knitting in some of your stitched work? Looks like panels
    that you can used in your mixed media pieces...xox Corrine

  5. Did you transfer an image onto a knitted piece?? Wow!

  6. I am amazed again by your stitching.... I love the glittery bits! Really appealing.

    Loving your knitted pieces!


  7. just get better and better don't you woman!xxxxx


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