Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Goddess of Love.....and other things........

Some lace goodies from the charity shop ..........

Some Welsh Love Spoons .......handcarved for a 'Cariad'......

A Couple of ATC cards .......subject 'Goddess of Love'..........What have you done to spread the Love today ??..........x


  1. tous ces dentelles, un délice..

  2. I'm drooling over the purple and your lace doilies, great work.

  3. Nice work Lorna, love that pouch! Spreading the furry love with a nice long walk in the fields this morning. xox Corrine

  4. I love this pouch (or whatever the word is for this). It may make a lovely one to carry underwear in a suitcase.
    Great to find these ancient laces in a charity. For sure you know they are super when dyed or painted with dilueted acrylics.

  5. Beautiful work and goodies from the charity shop. Aren't love spoons just great?

  6. Baked bread, made Apple crumbles,(shared with neighbours),made Chilli con carne (for tomorrow night ,sharing again),made Chestnut soup, (shared with neighbour again and some for tomoroow lunch with crusty bread, sharing again), and chopped and sliced and stirred onions,green and not so green tomatoes, red chillies with a little salt. These are now resting in my huge Mason Cash mixing bowl(no 12 size I think...anorak me!), these will be made into chutney on Friday along with added fruit and spices.
    Then I had a nap on the bed with the two furry bundles!
    Lucky you finding those lace pieces! The Welsh love spoons look 'loved'!

    Like you makes by the way!


    Sandie xx

  7. Your stitching projects are amazing!

    I haven't spread much love locked away decorating today but feel free to come enter my Aardvark poster giveaway if you'd like - does that count?


  8. if you go to my blog..http?? you will see my orngae heart..spreading the love!Haxxwhat would we do without charity shops?!!!xxlynda

  9. Very beautiful work and stitching. Laces are amazing.


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