Friday, 9 September 2011

Some family history............

The complete Snow family.........All 13 children ...PHEW .......!!
The Snow family 1913  
Back Row:- Gertrude, William , Herbert(My Grandad), Martha, Clifford, Edgar, Ethel.
Front Row:- Vincent, Flossie, Margaret Harris, William Henry, Lawson, Harold
Floor:-  Doreen,  George

picture of my Grandad and Grandad Herbert is the one facing the camera with the dark suit on .......

This was a photo believed to have been taken in the 1890's of Snows Builder's yard in Neath Grandad worked at the family business all his life still going into work well into his late 80's he died in his 90's

Edgar Snow one of my Grandad's brothers

Margaret my Great Grandmother.........

William Henry my Great Grandfather.........

Ethel Snow one of my Grandad's sisters

Some things don't change over the generations
Ethel Flossie and Harold..Auntie Flossie was a dancer and had a dancing group ..... as a child I danced in Auntie Flossie's Troupe as it was called my friend Louise and I got the front spots for a lot of the numbers we performed shows all over the place and had a grand old time..........
I believe that it was Harold Snow who bred champion Welsh terriers he took them to Crufts and exported them to America.......

Auntie Flossie was quite a character as you can see from these pics.......

Re-found the website with some of my family history so i've posted some interesting photos of my Grandad, some of his brothers and sisters and his parents and grandparents.......The Snow family had a building business in Neath South Wales where I was born and grew up ....there were 22 children 13 of which survived into adulthood....the link if you're interested is Snow Family


  1. Absolutely great photos, Lorna! I think that I can see where you got some of your creative genes.

  2. That is really interesting. I am not surprised you had a builder(s) and dancer in your family. oxo

  3. How great to have access to all that really old family stuff. And what wonderful photos!

  4. I just love old photos, and as an ex ballet dancer myself I really love the ones of the dancers.

  5. What a great lot of photos you have shared, so much of mine are lost, great that you have access to these....xox Corrine

  6. What a wonderful share, Lorna! Thank you. Love the Snow Builders ad/listing. Do you think you resemble Great Grandma Margaret? I believe I see at least a family resemblance.

    Ha! WV=workyrr. Is that Welsh?

  7. what fantastic photos now you really must incorporte these into an altered book in case they go missing

    thanks very much for your lovely comment on my blog

  8. Wonderful to have all these - Flossie looks like quite a character!

  9. What I would give to have a glorious set of family photos like you have! Eek!

  10. LOVE those old photos!! notice how there aren't too many smiling faces in OLD photos?? i wonder if it's because it took too long...sitting there...waiting for the picture to be taken...or is it because they were all a little serious...and worked HARD in thoise days??!!
    22 kids??!! wow!! that's a BIG family!
    the last group of pic's...with auntie flossie...i see you must've gotten some of her 'playful' genes!! great stuff here lorna!

  11. ha..l have many images like this too. History is so fasinating and even more so when it is your ownxxlynda

  12. Your old family photos are great! I tried to follow the link but it doesn't appear to be working...

    Sorry to read you had a little setback. Hope you'll soon be up and leaping around like Auntie Flossie!


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