Thursday, 6 January 2011

Off to Phuket.............

No not me !!! I have only been on a plane once and that was enough for me's my eldest son,Ryan, he is off to Phuket in Thailand this evening to train in a Muay Thai (kick boxing) camp, training for the next two months....YIKES..children keep you worrying don't they ?? no matter what age ...he's 31 ....ah well what can you do ??safe journey Ryan ........xx


  1. Safe journey Ryan!

  2. Better him than me, I don't go anywhere where the flying bugs are bigger than your head. Planes yes, bugs no! xox Corrine

  3. You made my heart skip a beat with your title!
    I think your son will enjoy the Muay Thai boxing, that's some badass stuff, you don't want to watch, mum! I love the music/drumming they play in the background for Thai boxing, kind of a suspenseful build-up to it.
    xoxo Kim

  4. Ooh, lucky thing, try not to miss him tooo much!

    loved your revolutions & those fossils! You're a couple of softies;)

  5. Ahhh, what a wonderful time he will have, making new memories. Cute photo.

  6. Hope all goes well for your son, safe journey and safe and fun with his sport of choice.

  7. Good luck to Ryan. What a great place to be training.

  8. i would love to go to thialand,hope he has a great trip...

  9. What a great adventure. I tend to agree with you on flying.

  10. What a cute photo! Kids worry you forever. :)) Have fun, Ryan! What a wonderful adventure!

  11. Judy Thank you for your good wishes....x
    Corrine Yikes I didn't know about big bugs now I have something else to worry about ....x
    Yes Kim thanks I won't watch I know it is a badass sport and one that Mums would not be able to watch........x
    Emma yes I will miss him ......x
    Thanks Jan yes I guess there will be new memories to make ....x
    Lynn thanks for your good wishes ....x
    Yes Dian a great place ........x
    Jen I would love to go too but its too far for me ....x
    Sue I have only done it the once and that was enough for me ....x
    Pam yes the photo was taken on his birthday on the summer solstice .a perfect day ........x

  12. Love the name of your blog!!! I know I'm always a mess when I get artsy!!!

    Thanks for entering and linking my giveaway!!!


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