Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year Revolution............

Lots of revolutions on this boat winch .......Guess what we did today ??....

I never make New Year resolutions as I don't drink or smoke there's nothing to give up I am going to just grab each day and make the most of it and send out some more love into the world and try and live 'in the moment' more today we went to the coast to start the 'Carpe Diem' We went to my most favourite place (next to Wales of course) Dorset and in particular Chapman's Pool to do some fossil's what we found........xx

Yes we went to one of my best places .....Chapman's Pool

Fossil hunting .....I'm in heaven .....

This one's got your name on it Kim.....

Here's a big one ....I love the thought that these jurassic fossils, ammonites are 150 million years old and this is the first time since then that they have been exposed from inside the shale ...The cliffs are constantly shifting with tides and rain and wind........mind blowing eh !!!......

Jim and I went to Chapman's pool on one of our first dates 7 years ago......AAAWWW feel the love .....

Can you see the orangutan's face in this dead crab ? or am I seeing things ??

AWWW........sending out the love Folks

Phew climbing back up the hill that a smile or a grimace from all that lactic acid build up ???

But with a pocket full of goodies ........we found loads of Kinder egg bits of plastic toys in all the flotsam and jetsom ......a REAL treasure ..Look out for them appearing on an ATC in the not to distant future.........

We went down into Swanage after for a well deserved plate of pea fritter and chips ....

Stone mermaid to complete a perfect day ........what have you done today ???......xx


  1. A little grimace, a little smile, that lactic acid will do you in, does me...great finds, and Kim will love that the tour of the shore and that stone mermaid is fab. xox Corrine

  2. There's one there for you too Corrine ...xx

  3. Wow, what a post. These are some really great photos, I'd love to see that place. You look like you're in heaven!
    Yippeee, Fossils! I love the one with my name one it, it looks as though a bear clawed it.
    Speaking of fossils... no wait... speaking of lactic acid, when David got back from his Grand Canyon trip I had him soak in a hot tub full with epsom salts. He had been carrying an oh so heavy pack practically straight up the cliff. It did the trick!
    Expect a package shortly, Lorna.

    On another note, Candace got caught up with Homeland Security on her way from Brazil to Georgia. We don't know when she'll be released from inspection. What is she up too?

    xoxo Kim

  4. We went for a lovely walk too, I have really enjoyed reading your post today, interesting and funny!
    Happy New Year!

  5. Lucky you! Dorset is one of the places I would love to visit so that I can have a root around all those rocks for fossils.

  6. Beautiful pics of a lovely day out. I just love picking up treasures from the beach. Driftwood, seaweed, bits of dead crab. Now I am longing to go beachcombing. No chance today: dear friends are visiting for lunch. the last test match (cricket) is on the TV and all is well.

  7. So glad you're having a lovely hol! Those fossils look amazing!! Fancy just being able to pick them up. Australia is such an old continent that our fossils tend eroded away, or up in cliffs in mountains or along the River Murray.
    Kev has only a few working days left- then we'll be able to TRAVEL!!!
    terrible floods in Queensland.The area flooded is bigger than France and Germany put together.( Such vast areas in Oz). Poor people.
    Talk soon
    Judy X

  8. aww lovely pics of your day out, i love fossils too....

  9. .. suffit de bien observer et regarder pour cette belle récolte! bonne semaine!

  10. You found a very nice treasure.

  11. Kim so pleased they have now found Cnadace I was beside myself when I read your comment ...x
    Lyn where did you walk ? I'm pleased you enjoyed ours........x
    Sharne it is a special place you should visit ....x
    Dian yes beachcombing is my favourite thing....x
    Judy yes the floods are devastating hope you are Ok where you are ...x
    Jen ammonites are my favourite they are so perfect ...x
    Elfi look out for the treasures in my art work soon ........x
    Solange yes we did many treasures given to us by the sea ......x

  12. What a great post! Happy New Year;o)

  13. Fabulous color on that roof in the 2nd pic and the old boat winch is weathered to perfection, spectacular little bits of goodness you found. I used to collect heart shaped rocks---I had a huge collection from all over the world then I gave them to my neighbor who was really ill and needed the love.

    I've never had pea fritters but they sound amazing after such a full day.

    Happy New Year. ~ Madeline

  14. what a wonderful post would loved to have been on your adventure ! thanks for sharing some great pics and times !
    happy new year !

  15. What fabulous finds, I get excited when I find unusual shells or beach glass, I'd be over the moon to find a fossil.

  16. Wow Lorna great post and some wonderful the face in the crab....sounds like a great place to visit....Happy New Year to you and your family x

  17. Hi Lorna, lovely photos and fossils! Seize the day is a great new years resolution, I haven't had time to think of any yet!! Best wishes for 2011. xx

  18. It amazes me that you find these fossils so easily...... and pea fritters and chips to end off. I'm green with envy.

  19. what lovely photos especially the one of you and your man


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