Saturday, 3 July 2010

Roll up to the Hat Fair..........

Yay the hat Fair's in town .........


  1. Hope you enjoy the Hat Fair and very happy belated birthday wishes. Hope you get spoiled some more ...

  2. Looks like a blast, you will have to tell us non UK folk all about the fair and what it is. Hope the weather is good. A package should be arriving to you and Ruby soon. xox Corrine

  3. Happy Belated birthday from me,too, i hope I wrote it on my postcard to you....i meant to ;)

    Your daughter's singing is supreme! Never heard of this Hat Fair, looks fabulous!

  4. tell us more lorna, looks interesting ju x

  5. I have never heard of a "hat fair" before--I second all the bloggers who want to hear more!

  6. Carolyn thanks .have you been to the Hat fair in Winchester ?....x
    Corrine yes its fun ...i sent an email thanks for the yummy parcel and good vibes.....x ticket needed its FREE .....except the ticket from Las Vegas ....mmmm.....x
    Emma thank you the hat Fair is 3 days of street theatre and madness in winchester ....x
    Ju will be posting pics soon ......x
    Hannah will be posting about hat Fair soon it's great fun just off soon for the third days events ...all free .....lots of inspiration and fun ...just what we need ...x


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