Thursday, 8 July 2010

Hot Dogz and ATCz.........

Gracie an' Stitch ....two hot dogs....

Just in case you had forgotten what I looked like ...........x

Sorry not been keeping up with everyone nearly over .................9 'get-ups' left.........Phew will I make it ????.......x


  1. Lots of lovely stitching and I'm counting down the days to the holidays too!

  2. Oh, the atc's are all so beautiful--your use of colors energize me! And it is nice to see an updated photo of yourself in there too--you look cool and fresh in the shade! :) I totally sympathize with Gracie and Stitch; Florida summers are brutal, but I enjoy the warmth more than the freezing cold, so I shall not complain. ha ha! You will be on vacation soon--yeah! I hope you have fun plans for yourself. :)

  3. Crikey Lorna!!! You HAVE been busy!! Great ATC's. Always love your colours.
    Good to see you looking relaxed in the balmy warmth.

  4. Wow you have been busy ! these are all fabulous ! its been really hot here also having a heat wave !

  5. Stitch and Gracie seem to be very hot.
    All this ATC has magnificent colors. Which beautiful work.

  6. great cards!! whew! vibrant colours - and really like all the different images used

  7. Oh Wow, Now I get to see them as a group! Quite wonderful with the images you're using.
    xoxo Kim

  8. These are gorgeous as are the panting duo. School must be miserable in this heat, so hard to get going. Glad you are almost done and can enjoy some free time to create! xox Corrine

  9. Hi Lorna, absolutely gorgeous fantastic colour love them all ju x

  10. Lorna hot weather and hot work! How busy have you been!!! Love the ATCs with the budhas most of all. Gorgeous colours!

  11. Here it a lot on blogs but just what does ATC stand for!?
    Yours are lovely and I even have one someone sent to me recently!!!


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