Monday, 26 July 2010


I have been playing around with new backgrounds for my ATC cards ........melting plastics ...had the dates for my Textiles exhibition ........13th October ...YIKES better start stitchin'..............x Check out these cute babies ...I am so pleased I am a vegetarian ........went to Frinkley Down Farm yesterday.........


  1. I have not visited for a while, too much going on. I like very much your new cards.
    Sorry, could not open your video, may it is just me.

  2. such lovely cards love your stitching on them...

    hope you post pics of your exhibition..jenxo

  3. Hi Radka I have been busy too ...nice of you to visit now the video is a litter of piggies very cute ......x
    Jenxo thank you for your lovely comment yes i will post pics of my exhibition ....Ill have to start making stuff first though !!!.....x

  4. oooo your having fun.
    Enjoy making for your exhibition, it's all part of it. enjoy your hols.
    best wishes,
    jane C

  5. Love the plastics, so satisfying watching it shrivel! You're so brave - I thought & thought about this year, but will have an exhibition next summer.....I'll still be 50 then! if I start now it might happen! Any tips as you go along would be greatly tummy has gone funny just thinking about it!

  6. Thanks Jane yes I think Im looking forward to it ...I think!!!.x
    Emma my tummy goes funny too thinking about it ......Its a low key one in a veggie cafe and art centre .......Ive been buying frames like crazy at car boot sales ......x

  7. I just love these. :) Truly you are inspired!!

  8. thanks for your comment on my blog- and welcome back to bloggyland!
    your new cards are really nice - and good colour combos too
    would love to swap cards again - but better wait til I get back home; have too many things piling up and I know when husband joins me, am not going to want to be sitting at the sewing machine

    so exciting about your exhibition! can[t wait to see what you come up with

  9. c'est la première fois , que je trouve le plastic joli! bravo

  10. Belles et intéressantes expériences!
    Bonne chance pour ton exposition

  11. Lorna, so great to see you back stitchin' again. It looks like you got right back into the swing of things!
    These new ones look shimmery and reflective. Nice work!
    xoxo Kim

  12. These look great Lorna....i have some vintage ladies i would like to do some atc's with....but need time to

  13. Gorgeous ATCs! Experimenting definately pays off...... if one can only allow oneself to play regularly.


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