Wednesday, 21 July 2010

ONE....MORE....GET.........UP ........!!!!

A random pic of my poorly old dog Gracie.....together with a piece of foil stuck to her chops....a certain giveaway that she has polished off the roasted peanuts that we left on the side ........ YAY...... only one more 'get up' and I'll be back with my friends in Blogland .............can't wait to catch up with all your news......I've missed you all ........x

Gracie ....this is just what I feel like at the moment.....x


  1. Poor old Gracie panting away bless this heat is not good for them hey.....cant wait to chat more to you Lorna x
    Kacey only managed to do one atc for Ruby so will be posting in on friday xx

  2. Hi Jennie yes I cant wait im going to sleep all day Friday ......Gracie still wants to chase a ball though have to do it in the evening when it's not so hot....x

  3. Wonderful old Gracie- love the paper sticking to her chops!!!! Many years ago a friend at college was entertaining her husband's boss and his wife.The dog ate the roast she'd made.
    It was sitting on the table while she went to get her visitors.My friend just couldn't get cross with her with those big eyes!!They ended up laughing, and went and bought takeaway chicken instead!!
    Thinking of you on your last day of Term!!!

  4. Yes animals will keep you grounded can forgive them anything ........well nearly anyhow ...yes just half day left now ...x

  5. Gracie has the same look on her face that my dog gets when he's nailed my chocolate or Tums from my end table. She's very cute!

  6. Love those hounds. I have the perfect CD for you. It's called through a dogs ear and it keeps Mr. Philo much calmer during thunder,
    which we did not get-yeah! I will make a copy for you!!! All classical music and it reallllllllllly works... xox Corrine

  7. So you're on holiday!!! Loved your recent postcards/atc's with butterflies. I guess now schools out you'll have a 5 week making frenzy & we won't be able to keep up with you!

    Poor Ruby! One of mine broke his collarbone just before the primary school holidays - went down the slide the next day to my horror!

  8. Love your ATC'S!

    Moving to a new home!

    Come add your name to my followers list!

  9. That is adorable. Simply adorable. You have to send me a salty dog kiss now. :)

  10. Madeline .....yes you know that guity look that they have....... you know they've done something........Gracie also 'grins when she knows shes wrong .its so funny....x
    Corrine that would be helpful thunder and fireworkd are such a problem ......x
    Emma yes we are on hols for 6 weeks...bliss....x
    thanks Deborah will visit your blog......x
    Lisa doggy kisses coming your way ...just got back from the river the dogs are exhausted will put up some pics soon ..........x


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