Saturday, 24 July 2010

Hols are here ...........

Gracie is the most gentle dog except with little furry bunnies hence the muzzle..... St Catherine's Hill ......Iron Age settlement Sun on the Itchen Way ....... Yup Hols are here and it's started with a lovely river walk down the Itchen Way ......lots of sun and fresh air and wet dogs and family......perfect !!!.......will be catching up with everyone over the next few days ....what have you been up to ????.....xx

Gracie swimming after a ball her most favourite game to chasing small furries .....!!


  1. Ruby is positively beaming and doesn't seem to mind the cast at all!
    What an idyllic setting to walk, with our heat today I would gladly jump
    in the river too. Philo barely let's his paws touch the water, so it was
    fun to see Gracie swim. Only two of the beagles will go in.....Glad you are on hols! Looking forward to seeing much come out of the studio. xox Corrine

  2. How funny Lorna me and hubby were walking be the river today too....Ruby looks like she is having a pleasent time and glad she got her atc from Kacey x

  3. Happy Days are Here again.da,da,de, dum, da, dee dah dum!!!(you get the idea).
    Can't wait to see some of your next creations.I am making a Flamingo for Mum's bed at the moment!!

  4. profiter des belles journées.. bonnes promenades!

  5. I love it. Your dog is a riot. I see the other dog is perfectly dry. Not a swimmer like Gracie? She must have had you all wet with all the wet fur flying. LOL

  6. Corrine it was glorious ........x
    Jennie which river were you walking do you ever do the Itchen way we have walked along Basingstoke canal .....x
    Thank you Sue i'm sure i will have a lovely rest.....x
    Judy i'm intrigued .Flamingo ??? I have one on stitchin fingers in my work I made it for a stag do .........x
    Elfi we had a lovely walk it was perfect....x
    Lisa Gracie is a riot at all times it's hard to believe that she is 12 ........Stitch is a bit fussy about getting his paws wet ....x

  7. It's a dogs life...but mean good!
    Fun with family and friends!!! Enjoy. Loved the walk.

  8. What a beautiful place for a walk. Enjoy the hols!


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