Saturday, 13 March 2010

Siete or Saith

Mafiosagrrl has tagged me to tell you 7 things about myself ......mmmm normally I am an images person I prefer not to write too much ( visual learner /picture smart ....Thats me !!) so with the aid of the obligatory pics here goes.....

I was born in Wales in a town called Neath.I love Wales and I guess the Celtic side of me shows in my love of art/music/poetry......and my love of rugby....Cymru am Byth.......


My children I have 5 of them and they make my world go round
Ryan 30 ....Landscape gardener /DJ/break dancer/Graffiti artist/traveller
Brady 28.....Jewellery designer/computer games designer/uni student/philosopher
Sophie 24.....Classically trained professional singer/Yoga teacher/traveller/Mermaid
Jocelyn 21.... Textile artist/Dancer/ party animal/Funny/Angel
Ruby 7.........Artist/ story teller/Fairy


My Man ........Jim .......I have been lucky enough to meet my soulmate Jim he is a singer/songwriter/poet/he is strong and true ....and a brilliant Dad to Ruby and he has the wickedest dreadlocks ....and he writes songs about me romantic is that?......we love walking in the countryside and by the sea, enjoying magic, fairies, following our dreams, looking at rainbows and watching shooting stars.We have both been vegetarian for 21 yrs and feel strongly about this.


I love my animals... two dogs scruffy rescues that rule our house .....example just got back home to find a whole sultana cake eaten......My fault shouldn't have left it where they could reach it.....and to add insult to injury they had chewed up the plum sticks I had cut up this afternoon for this evening's fire and to cap it all they are now having a play fight behind me on the sofa while I'm trying to write this ....we also have an 18 yr old cat called Georgina who is a little senile these days
I used to have 8 rabbits and 17 guinea pigs but that was when I was a bit needy !!!I'm OK now


My passion which is anything textiley...... fabric stitching threads wools ......patterns colours textures.....etc. I have always loved anything to do with making stuff ......I used to steam and block hats for my cindy ....taught by my Grandmother to knit stitch and crochet from very early age. I trained as an illustrator and graphic designer in the 70's specialising in botanical illustration ........then when I was stay at home Mum really got into textiles and now I am obsessed....... I teach textiles all day and stitch all night...I work as a Textile/art teacher I have been teaching kids for 8 years now and I love it. I work at an inner city school that has a diverse mix of cultures it's a real melting pot with never a dull moment ( 37 different languages spoken within the school community ...!!)
I am particulary addicted to swapping art it's an amazing experience I love sending my art on journeys and adventures all over the world


My collecting ......I collect 'stuff' anything and everything .........I have to curb it a bit as I have to think about the others in the house.......I love being surrounded by interesting things I find it inspirational and exciting.......I am also addicted to charity shops and car boot sales


We have a caravan that we take to the New Forest and one day we will live on a narrowboat.(This one's in our garden she's called 'Amelia')

The 7 I am going to tag to show and tell are ....

Judy Judy's fabrications
Jennie Jen's Inspirations
Lynn Getting my Feet Wet
Anne Cardinal Arts
Conni The Scoop Score and Deal
Chris Gray Textile art
Carolyn Saxby


  1. Thanks for the Tag Lorna.....but your gonna be a hard person to follow, wow 5 children and all so talented, what a cutie Ruby looks too - loving those dreadlocks....which i think my Son is trying to grow might take me some time to put something together lol.

  2. oh! I have never been tagged before! thank you.......I think (?)
    like the post above..not sure I can get anywhere near your beautiful writing
    and your kids sound amazing! all so diverse but creative
    you must be so proud! (and I'll bet them of you)

  3. Yes, thanks for the tag, but I'm not sure I can make as good a job of it as you! I will try to do this soon on "Textiles" rather than "Red"

    I loved reading about your 7 things :o)

  4. Lorna, I loved reading this post. You sound like such a fascinating and happy person. We rented a narrow boat a few years ago and took a trip on one of the canals in Wales and it was soooo beautiful. I would love to swap art with you anytime. Judy

  5. I love your seven! I think it's so cute that you described one of your kids as a mermaid :) Wales looks beautiful,the kind of place I could spend the rest of my life. You and Jim seem like just the sort of people that Dillon and I would enjoy good times with.

    ps I'm getting your package ready, i haven't forgotten about it. I figured if i was going to send you something, a few little shells seemed like such a waste. so I'm whipping up a little something to make the box a little more worthwhile :)

  6. hey thanks for all your kind comments on my post was kind of fun writing this even though I'm not a writing sort of person .....xx

  7. lovely place you've got here and I will be back! a bit busy now, but when I return I will give it a proper look! caterina

  8. Hi good to meet you & thanks for joining. I was just writing a post about my new textily bits & there you suddenly were! If you've got a spare split second have another look! Love all your vibrant colors, not a trace of creamy white anywhere :)

  9. I found it!
    What a cool family. I have just one 26 year old, philosopher artistic poet type son.
    Were you ever tempted to use some dready bits in your work, haha!
    Nice family, thanks for sharing here.


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