Thursday, 25 March 2010

Anyone want to swap ???

I have just made these ATCs just wondered if anyone wants to swap with me. I will be posting them on Flickr later on .......if you want to swap e mail me on


  1. These are pretty. Good luck with the swap.

  2. Thanks Heloise .......i love swapping art it's such fun.......Lorna x

  3. what's your name on flickr, i need to add you as a contact :)

  4. never mind I just needed to use my brain, i found ya!

  5. That's beautiful.
    Yes. I would love to do the swap.
    However , kindly give me some time to produce mine.

  6. I have receive from yours.
    Thank you !!
    I'll sending mine next week :)
    Sorry for keep you waiting.

  7. I would love to swap Lorna, but you would have to wait till ive done one!! what do ya think x


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