Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Mermaids the Sea and more ATC s

We went down to the sea on Sunday to Western Shore on Solent water. i usually manage to collect more 'stuff' off the beach than I did..... but still came back with some interesting bits of wood and a great long piece of braided plastic. The best bit apart from the mobile phone keypad was the rose made out of wood.
The mermaid painted on my wall was done by my daughter Sophie years ago ....I have decorated the rest of the room but could never paint over this it's beautiful.
I started painting on bits of drift wood I did this voluptuous mermaid a while ago but after picking up interesting bits od driftwood on Sunday thought I might do some more .........if I can fit it in around my obsessive stitching !!!

A few more ATCs this time I've tried to stay on the cool side of the colour palette but I couldn't resist a smidgen of pink !!!.........xx


  1. really like your "pops" of colour against the darker backgrounds......especially the first one - the background is so rich

  2. I like your mermaids

    Have a lovely weekend
    Carolyn x

  3. Thanks both for visiting and your comments .i love mermaids too ..one of my daughter's is one !! .........xx

  4. Hallo,
    I like your colourful textil-work and your mermaid.
    Often I have been in Greece and since this time I love mermaids and I paint them.
    Greetings from Sigrid

  5. Thank you for lovely comment Sigrid thanks for visiting....x


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