Monday, 29 March 2010

I am so proud of my Yr 8 class.......

Thought I would share some great work that my Yr 8 class did today (12 yr olds boys and girls )I am doing a class ATC swap with an artist who teaches kids in her art studio, she is based in America. I decided to let my Yr 8 class have a go today and boy ! they did me proud. They are a mixed ability class so the whole range of art abilities but I think they did a great job .........What do you think ?
These are a few of my favourites done by 4 boys and 1 girl...........


  1. Thanks so much for your comments today. What a great class effort. I so love it when kids just get "stuck in" as you would say and go for it.
    I found your blog once before and lost it, so glad you came to visit today, now I have it again and you are on my list. Love scruffy rescue dogs that take over, we have four hounds at home, and yes they eat anything not nailed down.


  2. Wow they did do you proud hey Lorna....some great work....cant wait to see what you get back x

  3. Hi Corrine great to have you visit I so enjoyed your site ........and your place sounds my perfect place with lots of animals ........xx

    Hi Jennie ...yes they did really well I'm going to show them this post too
    I loved your new work .......xx

  4. Wow Lorna! I bet you and the kids got excited by these!It's lovely being surrounded by people making ART! I bet there was a great "buzz" in the room as they "got stuck in"!!The wonderful thing about ART is that there is no way it can be "wrong". Love seeing the kids' work.

  5. Hi Judy Yes it was great they 'got ' it straightaway i repeated it with another class and it wasn't so successful I don't know why .......Just the way it goes i guess ......Lorna xx

  6. great work - especially like the top two with the crowns........what a great project for them to get involved with - and what a cool teacher!!

  7. Lucky you, sounds a great job as well as having songs written about you.

  8. Thanks Anne and Jackie .......yes I am very lucky and priveleged to have the job I have and to be amongst such creative young people
    Thanks for visiting too .....Lorna xx

  9. Wow, they are wonderful, the ATC with Blondie is my favorite.....! The kids have a great teacher....!
    Have a fine Eastern Lorna!
    Janny from Holland

  10. these are great images - what was the task they had to do? Would be interested to know.


  11. Hi Janny and Amelia thanks for visiting yes they did a brilliant job and enjoyed themselves in the process they were excited that their cards were going to America too.
    Amelia I have sent you an e mail too
    Lorna xx

  12. It's amazing to see what kids can do when they are given the tools, the opportunity and some direction. they made me think of an art therapist I know of whose e-mail address includes the words" "art changes lives."


  13. Yes I totally agree with that .........Lorna x

  14. These are fantastic Lorna, i'd be proud to say any of them were mine! My girls are in year 8 and 9 and they enjoy crafting too, in fact i gave them my double bedroom and turned one end into a craft area. It seems to have helped them out at school in art too, they just moan when the school doesn't have the fancy fine detail scissors and Copics lol.

    You sound like a great teacher Lorna, they are very lucky.


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