Monday, 19 March 2012

Mother's Day.........

Started off with a magnificent pheasant in the garden....

Three of my Big children at home .....

and 1 far away in Colombia ...thank goodness for technology.....

A New haircut......for a growing up girl ......

Crazy golf a little while ago......

A walk and paddle by the river ......


  1. truly a sweet day you had surrounded by the ones you brought into the world. Love her hair cut and sweet face. And technology! Happy Day Mom

  2. joli fête des mères est au mois de mai!?!

  3. Looks like lovely Mother's Day all round with all of your children, even the wet, smelly, furry ones!!!!! xox

  4. glad you had a great day..lovely looking kids..big and small!Haxx

  5. looks like i'm a little late here usual...ha!
    happy belated mothers day!!
    looks like a fun day...crazy pheasant, river walk and KIDS, both BIG and not so big!!



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