Sunday, 4 March 2012

Malware warning...what's going on ??..

Yesterday I couldn't get on my blog ....kept getting a malware warning which was linked to 'felting my soul' blog so I deleted my entire blog list ..(thanks Laura and Cathy for letting me know)....while I was re-instating it today I had a similar warning when visiting Jan's 'Laughing dog blog'...I have let Jan know....does anyone know what's going on ???..........Help .....


  1. it's not YOU lorna. it's something that those other blogs have (recently) added to their blogs...and i guess the virus or malware detection they use did not detect anything when they added whatever it was....????

    it might take more time, but maybe before you start adding blogs to your sidebar...GO to their links and if nothing is detected, THEN add them.

    good luck! what a pain in the....


  2. No club. But I recommend downloading Malware Bytes for free and keeping it updated! xo

  3. Sorry cant help you Lorna....but i keep having al sorts of problems too:{

  4. I can't find any problems on my blog. Thanks for the heads up, I'll keep my eye on it.

  5. Oooh, no clue, just getting back and catching up? xox Corrine

  6. Haven't a clue what it is about, but it would appear to be NOT nice..............


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