Friday, 10 February 2012

A Winter's Walk........

Up on top of St Catherine's hill Winchester

Lovely Yew tree in the woods behind our house ...........

Old man of the woods ...........xx


  1. I sense that tree has a spirit. :))) Great tree.

  2. All is lovely, I like your orange jacket!

  3. Lovely walk. You all look like me on my walk with the dogs, bundled up in layers and rubber boots. Nice to see you.

  4. I love walking up St Catherine's Hill...

    and all the back streets of Winchester away from the shops... along the water meadows.... heavenly.

    Do you like the Corner House? I love it there and Ginger Tea for Two.

  5. Old man of the woods, is that Jim or Stitch???? How come Stitch has the muzzle and Gracie doesn't? She looks really cute standing there with you! xox Corrine

  6. Makes me think I should go for a walk today....xo


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