Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Hey Hey ...We're the Monkeys....

Monkey hats as promised ..........Tigers next.......xx


  1. Wow, those are really cool. Those monkeys can have my sandals anytime! I'm a year of the monkey kind of girl myself! My brother's brother in law used to do the monkey dance in Bali when he was younger. Nice chatting with you today my dear.
    xoxo Kim

    my word captcha is jijawsew... is that what you're doing?

  2. tu dois t'amuser!!! c'est fou ...
    je le trouve super ton chapeau..mais je n'aurais pas le courage de sortir suis aussi plus vielle...

  3. oooooh that's the CUTEST!! i like the monkeys even better than the parrots! can't wait to see the tigers!

  4. Kim I love to jijawsew.....I try and do some everyday monkey girl ...xx
    thanks Karen it was fun to work out the pattern ...I love costume making ....xx

  5. Elfi merci ....Je suis un peu d'un singe fou parfois....xx
    Laura thank you...I also have 6 butterflies to make too..xx
    corrine you should have seen the dog wearing it that was cute ....xx

  6. LOL too cool!!! You look fabulous in that!


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