Thursday, 9 February 2012

Des Res for mice.........or...whose been eating my plum stones

Went out to the log store to fill my basket with logs for tonight when......

I pulled open a bit of tarpaulin and .......

Found all these plum stones with little holes chewed in each and every one......mmmm wondered who had been scrumping the plums from my staked out the bird table...........yes !!!............I saw it the little pesky mouse'll have to look closely and you can see it jumping back into the tree......ha ha ......xx (the squeaky whingey noise in the background is Gracie waiting to go out the garden)


  1. I love it! I'd be tempted to try make a necklace out of the husks of the chewed plum stones as a keepsake :-)

  2. Sounds like my house. With a stone foundation, we welcome all sorts of tiny rodents. I have a Brambly Hedge in my basement. xox

  3. I couldn't really see anything. Ah, well, the story is funny. :) Poor mousie just wanted something good to eat. LOL

  4. That video is cool, all pixelated and colorful like your fabric creations.
    Critters are good at absconding with what they need aren't they?

    Plum pitiful I say! Now I look at them and think, What could I make with these and I would save them.
    Love the new background!
    xoxo Kim

  5. The mice probably think they are in heaven with such delicious treats on offer.

  6. the little stinkers having a silent feast. cute video. hope your new directions are working out :) xoxo

    1. ha ha yes couldn't believe the cheek of it .....xx


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