Wednesday, 2 November 2011

In the post today...........

This piece is by Jan......I don't think a photo can do this wonderful piece of art justice's beautiful .....the colours are perfect for a colourholic like me .....makes my eyes sing ..........thanks Jan.

I bought these from Katie of The Red Tin's Etsy shop go visit she has some delightful dolls for sale there and the red-head postcard is exquisitely stitched ......lovely work ...........aren't bloggin friends the best .....thank you ......x

Hope you're not fed up with pics of purses I'm making .....they're for a craft fair I've booked at the end of November .....


  1. Great stuff, Lorna. And yes, I love that piece by Jan!

  2. Wow, Jan's piece is certainly right up your coloraholic alley, fun detail.
    are those felted slices in Katie's pic?
    Yes, I agree blogging friends are wonderful and no, never too many purses.
    xoxo Kim

  3. All of the pieces are so nice. not tired of purse pictures!
    xxox, jill

  4. I could never tire of your purses and all your creations! Keep em coming! Wow, you recieved some beautiful mail, and I'm glad you liked your card and felted beads. Makes me happy. xo


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