Monday, 18 July 2011

Let me introduce myself to my new followers......

This was a post I wrote eons ago but as I have lots more followers now i thought i would post it up again to say a bit about myself...and seeing i haven't done anything recently because of my darned back problem (I'm sure you don't want to see pics of me lying on my lounger watching films !!)...mmmm normally I am an images person I prefer not to write too much ( visual learner /picture smart ....Thats me !!) so with the aid of the obligatory pics here goes.....

I was born in Wales in a town called Neath.I love Wales and I guess the Celtic side of me shows in my love of art/music/poetry......and my love of rugby....Cymru am Byth.......


My children I have 5 of them and they make my world go round
Ryan 30 ....Landscape gardener /DJ/break dancer/Graffiti artist/traveller
Brady 28.....Jewellery designer/computer games designer/uni student/philosopher
Sophie 24.....Classically trained professional singer/Yoga teacher/traveller/Mermaid
Jocelyn 21.... Textile artist/Dancer/ party animal/Funny/Angel
Ruby 7.........Artist/ story teller/Fairy


My Man ........Jim ....we have been together for nearly 8 years ....we live and work together so are never apart...I have been lucky enough to meet my soulmate he is a singer/songwriter/poet/he is strong and true ....and a brilliant Dad to Ruby and he has the wickedest dreadlocks (Oops old post he doesn't have dreads now)....and he writes songs about me romantic is that?......we love walking in the countryside and by the sea, enjoying magic, fairies, following our dreams, looking at rainbows and watching shooting stars.We have both been vegetarian for 21 yrs and feel strongly about this.


I love my animals... two dogs scruffy rescues that rule our house .....example just got back home to find a whole sultana cake eaten......My fault shouldn't have left it where they could reach it.....and to add insult to injury they had chewed up the plum sticks I had cut up this afternoon for this evening's fire and to cap it all they are now having a play fight behind me on the sofa while I'm trying to write this ....we also have an 18 yr old cat called Georgina who is a little senile these days
I used to have 8 rabbits and 17 guinea pigs but that was when I was a bit needy !!!I'm OK now


My passion which is anything textiley...... fabric stitching threads wools ......patterns colours textures.....etc. I have always loved anything to do with making stuff ......I used to steam and block hats for my cindy ....taught by my Grandmother to knit stitch and crochet from very early age. I trained as an illustrator and graphic designer in the 70's specialising in botanical illustration ........then when I was stay at home Mum really got into textiles and now I am obsessed....... I teach textiles all day and stitch all night...I work as a Textile/art teacher I have been teaching kids for 8 years now and I love it. I work at an inner city school that has a diverse mix of cultures it's a real melting pot with never a dull moment ( 37 different languages spoken within the school community ...!!)
I am particulary addicted to swapping art it's an amazing experience I love sending my art on journeys and adventures all over the world


My collecting ......I collect 'stuff' anything and everything .........I have to curb it a bit as I have to think about the others in the house.......I love being surrounded by interesting things I find it inspirational and exciting.......I am also addicted to charity shops and car boot sales


We have a caravan that we take to the New Forest and one day we will live on a narrowboat.(This one's in our garden she's called 'Amelia')


  1. I've been following you for months now yet I didn't know all of that! It's great finding out new bits and pieces about people who's work inspires you. As a fellow clutter enthusiast who loves finding all manner of treasure in charity shops and car boot sales, I salute you!

  2. thank you kindly boots and charity shops rule !!!......x

  3. It's wonderful to meet your loves and all the things that make up who you are :)

  4. Great to read this again. I want to be a mermaid too! Great descriptions of all of your beloved!!!! Including the sultana eating furry ones. xox Corrine

  5. Like wise, I've been following you for sometime. I enjoyed reading about you and your family.

    You will be sewing again.

  6. Fascinating!
    I like quirky stuff in the garden, my neighbours knew I was nuts before I did...I thought I was 'normal' LOL! I've got Fairies, ceramic mushrooms, plaques with phrases/sayings on, pebbles!
    Hope the back is behaving a bit better.

    Don't get too bored now!

    Sandie xx

  7. Thanks for reposting this, Lorna. You and I met after the last time you posted this so there's much that I hadn't known about you. I do hope your back is mending. Much love.

  8. Those of us who have loved you long and well ALSO appreciate this rerun! I didn't have all pieces of the lovely puzzle that makes you and enjoyed this so, I am sharing it with a friend. I've spoken to her about you, but I couldn't tell it the way you've depicted it. Cymru am Byth, indeed, and I thank you for the reminder that it is the Celt in us that gives us our love of music and other magic. Grand post, Lorna!

  9. I never had read this intro before although I know pieces of the whole, I love the way you've summed it up so Lorna-like!
    I love your collection of kin, creations, collections and pets and it all adds up to the super package of your life. Thanks for sharing.
    xoxo Kim

  10. I have been looking at your blog for a long time and it is nice to be re reminded about your wonderful family and soul mate. as l was born in Wales and my children went to school in New Forest...l collect everything, l love Rugby, my Art my amazing two children and loads of adopted grandchildren and a soul mate husband of 39 years!....we have quite a bit in common.xx Hope your back is healing..we also have that in common.xxxxcan you send me your address so l can send you a card? xxlynda

  11. How wonderful to get to know more about you--you're right, new followers-like me- may not know all this great stuff! so fun. what a great life and family!

  12. Hi! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I love this post ... so informative and personal and full of life's threads. Did you ever do anything with the snipped off dreadlocks?

  13. Hi Lorna, it was a lovely surprise to find your comment on my blog about my pinwheel block! I don't look at my followers list much; I have a list of favourites that I visit when I've got some spare time after midnight LOL! But I haven't forgotten you, and I have dropped in from time to time (lurking without commenting - naughty). I am sorry and sympathetic to read about your back problems. Been there done that like most of us over 40! I keep my pain at bay with daily stretching exercises that my chiropractor started me on. But the arthritis in my hands and feet is the real killer. I can't hand stitch for very long now, that's why I've turned to patchwork, and let the machine do the work! Sorry this is so long...

  14. I didn't know you had that many children - they all sound like amazing and interesting people
    hope your back is better!

  15. I never saw this post before but I knew all this coz you're a sharing kind of girl. Didn't know you'd trained in graphics/illustration - I'm not surprised but I'd never have guessed the botanical bit! It made me think of my teacher atArt College 30 yrs ago saying befoe you go off on a tangent, first learn how to make a perfect elipse. I figured out over all these years that from there you are enabled to be free in every direction you can find, but at least you know a little about where you're coming from!

    Loved those toenails, what a girl!


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