Friday, 29 July 2011

Forestwalk Laura ......Art and other odd bits.....

Just a quick post showing some goodies that arrived in my mail.........
If you haven't already visit Forestwalk Laura in her amazing Florida home .......her fantastic photos of woodland flora and fauna she has wonderful pics of Barred Owls and her art work is quite beautiful and reflects her love and respect for the natural world.....Laura is a warm caring person who I'm sure would love you to visit.....
Also visit Lisa who makes the most amazing digital art ATCs and her wonderful paintings of flowers .....Lisa and I have virtual friends for quite some time now .....she is the most brilliant supportive person who shares the love of all animals with me ....especially my dog Gracie......who Lisa calls Gracie Marie........
here is a funny video of my other little dog Stitch ....he is drying himself after coming back from the river (unfortunately i am still not well enough to walk with them yet )


  1. Phew! Wet dog! He's cute too!

    Sandie xx

  2. I love to see them run, but when they roll on their backs like that they just seem to be having so much fun. Lovely gifties! xox Corrine

  3. how did i miss this one??
    anyway....thanks're so sweet...and so talented...what an amazing person & artist...i'm still in awe of the awesome textile art cards...all the gifts!! it's nice to be able to from the heart...handmade...thanks so much...for everything!!

    and as far as stitch goes...sometimes i'd like to get down on the floor and wriggle around like that...scratch those hard to reach places on the back!! aaaaah!


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