Saturday, 16 April 2011

Back from our hols ........

Perfect .........Been away for a week took our little Welsh caravan (carafan in welsh ).....we found this great site Abermarlais right in the middle of Red Kite country.....We explored woods and climbed Welsh mountains(well we drove up the mountains !)...and saw loads of Red Kites and Buzzards and sheep Wonderful Wales......hope you enjoy the photos and they give you just a taste of my homeland ....xx
View from our doorway couldn't ask for a more perfect setting ...

An idyllic campsite .....only us in the whole place ....

If you look carefully and are very quiet you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of that elusive Welsh sprite who lives in tree trunks ....

We visited Llandovery (Welsh: Llanymddyfri)This is a photo of a 16-foot (4.9 m) high stainless steel statue to Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Fychan it was unveiled in 2001 on the north side of Llandovery Castle, overlooking the place of his execution six hundred years earlier. He had led the army of King Henry IV on 'a wild goose chase' under the pretence of leading them to a secret rebel camp and an ambush of Glyndŵr's forces. King Henry lost patience with him, exposed the charade and had him half hanged, disemboweled in front of his own eyes, beheaded and quartered - the quarters salted and dispatched to other Welsh towns for public display.

The statue won a national competition to choose a suitable design, the winner being that of Toby and Gideon Petersen, funding was from the National Lottery and the Arts Council of Wales.

Jim did climb up higher than us ......

Jim taking a picture of Ruby taking a picture of me in Carmarthen....

Daz helping me to pack up my stuff ...

Have to take my sewing machine on holiday too .....


  1. What a wonderful virtual tour of Wales in April! Thank you, just when I needed it. How much Welsh do you speak, Lorna?

  2. So much of interest here to see...but best of all that you could take your sewing machine with you and make art enroute. Love that.
    My DH will find the history here so interesting. I'll show him this post!

  3. What a gorgeous place to spend time. LOL bringing your sewing machine and having the horse help you pack. Looks like Ruby, Stitch and Gracie were all have a good old time.
    Idyllic childhood. xox Corrine

  4. Looks like a perfect place to escape to. I like the fact that your sewing machine went too.

  5. Looks like you had good hols and got some sewing in too.
    How I would love to see that place and spend some nights in the carafan!
    Almost outa here and hitting the road north soon.
    xoxo Kim

  6. Lovely photos, looks like you had a great time. Love the fact you take your sewing machine in holiday, lol :)

  7. Creating on Vacation! Definitely Passionate! LOl! Beautiful Pics. Lucky Girl! Hugs, Tee

  8. great to see my home country! love therse imagesx love the fact you took your sewing machine with you...great!x lynda

  9. yes we had a grand old time sewing machine lives in my caravan.its a great old hand operated one can stitch by torchlight if necessary...x

  10. So beautiful by the river & stitching isn't something you can leave behind!

  11. oh what a beautiful holiday lorna, the scenery is spectacular....

    love that you have the sewing machine too...i would have to take too much art stuff tho :(

  12. how delightful! love the pictures and your sense of humor, too. i like your hair---it looks like you've done something different from previous pics and it really looks great.

    The area looks so verdant and lush. Quite an amazing steel statue and so imposing in the distance.

  13. What beautiful place that you come from! It looks like you had a wonderful time. At first I thought that the statue looked a bit like Darth Vader. Apparently, one would not want to have messed with King Henry IV. I love your little machine Lorna!

  14. Hello there!
    Truly, an enchanting setting.
    My nephew has bright red hair. And
    we have a "Ruby", too.
    Love the woods........

  15. thanks for the trip!!
    and i love the fact that your sewing machine gets to spend time on the road too! why leave it at home? you would miss her...she would miss you...and besides, what would you do when you get into that 'i've gotta create' mode?!

    thanks for the road trip...great pictures!! :)

  16. What a gorgeous place to relax and refresh. The countryside looks fantastic.
    My next door neighbour is Welsh but has been here for some years now.
    Thanks for sharing your holiday here.


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