Thursday, 17 February 2011

DA DA ...........revisited with links .....and Martin Carthy ...

just a colourful pic of a God's Eye I made to get your attention for my winners announcement ........
.......The winners of the OWOH ....
And the First prize goes to Thespoena
And Ive added some runners up who will receive an ATC ....
the second place is CalejThe third is Michaele and last but not least Paper BagleyPost out to you all soon..........thanks for everyone who entered........xx

here is updated post with links to the winner's blogs ...
Jim was supporting Martin Carthy last night at a gig at Andover Lights so we had to zoom out after work for sound checks etc .....oh the glamorous life of a groupie !!....check out Martin Carthy he is a famous UK traditional folk singer and Jim was chuffed to get the support slot ...Jim looked VERY cool on stage in his new 'Titfer'....when I get an appropriate lead for my new phone then I will post up his pic on stage ........x


  1. YEAH! Thanks so much! Can't wait! Your stitched projects are beautiful! Just in case my email is...
    abbinme at yahoo dot com


  2. Oh cool! I know Michaele. She used to live in Alaska and has been to my studio! Congratulations to the other winners too.
    xoxo Kim

  3. I like the eye's God.Sometimes, I do "ojos de Dio, but classical and not so creative like this!! ( shallput one nextly inmy blog)
    Happy week-end, Lorna!
    anne from France

  4. Oh, congrats - love the 'eye' - it got my attention!Well done Jim & i so love Ghost, too ;)

  5. Missed you. Love the eye and I hear a new doll will be joining Augustus! xox corrine


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