Friday, 11 February 2011

The Winner is .........Jill

Oh it's so hard just having one winner when you are all so lovely and have left such wonderful comments on my work ...I am so lucky to have such fantastic blog friends old and new .......Thank you all for visiting and leaving comments ........I used a random number generator and Jill's Recycled Daze number came up ........winging its way to you Jill....xx (stayed tuned though I will be having another one soon)
In the meantime here's some of my framed work (that's posh !!) for you to have a look at and a YouTube of Enya singing 'I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble halls'Inspiration for this first piece ......beautiful song.........xx

This song comes from 'The Bohemian Girl'an Opera first produced in London 1843
a Synopsis curtesy of wiki...

Act 1 Polish noble, Thaddeus, in exile in Austria, joins a band of gypsies. He saves Arline, the infant daughter of Count Arnheim, from being killed by a deer. The count, in gratitude, invites him to a banquet, where Thaddeus refuses to toast a statue of the Austrian Emperor, instead splashing it with wine, and escapes from his enraged host with the help of his gypsy friend Devilshoof, who kidnaps Arline.

Act 2 Twelve years have elapsed. Arline can only vaguely remember her noble upbringing. She and Thaddeus are sweethearts, but the Gypsy Queen is also in love with him. Arnheim's nephew Florestein falls in love with Arline (not recognising her), but the Queen plants a medallion stolen from Florestein on Arline. Florestein recognises the medallion and has her arrested. She is tried before the Count. who recognises the scar left on her arm from the deer attack.

Act 3 Arline is at a ball in her father's castle, where she feels nostalgic for her Romany upbringing and for her true love. Thaddeus breaks into the castle through a window and pleads for her hand. He eventually wins the trust of the count whom he insulted twelve years ago, and the Count gives them his blessing. The Gypsy Queen stalks Thaddeus to the castle and tries to break in through the same window to kill Arline with a musket and kidnap Thaddeus. Before she can execute her plan, however, Devilshoof tries to wrest the weapon from her hands and she is accidentally killed in the scuffle.


  1. I feel like I got a gift, even if I didn't win the prize! Thank you for sharing.

  2. I knew those words but couldn't place them...thanks for the Enya video!

  3. Posh indeed! I think there's something wrong with that generator since I didn't win this time!
    Nice to see your collection of framed pieces and congratulations to the winner....really!
    xoxo Kim

    P.S. what does larmsy mean? sounds British but it was my word verification. I think I'm feeling kind of larmsy !

  4. ces délicieuses tableaux sont comme des ex-voto..
    dans les églises..

  5. So many lovely things to see this time. I can'nt take my eys from it....! Great !
    cheers, Janny

  6. Lorna, I have answered in my blog. thanks for your comment. All that I have seen on this page is beautiful. Now, I must hae time for reading it.............I like going on your site!

  7. your art is wonderful!!
    all the textures...colors...everything FEELS so nice!! i have always loved a kind of 'collage' style...a blending of things...tells a story...

    and enya!! always a welcome sound...her voice...

    (thanks for wandering through my space...and leaving your thoughts...)

    thanks! :] laura

  8. congratulations Jill you lucky thing !!!


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