Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Yay for Jim ...Masters in Songwriting....

Jim had his interview for a Master's Degree in Songwriting today ...AND HE GOT A PLACE .....YAY......This incredible place is where he will be's glorious ....Corsham Court...and the gardens are so lovely with peacocks and historic magical little buildings such as an old bath house ....
The first butterfly of the year that we have seen........
Jim lounging in the Bath House ...........
The town of Corsham Well done Jim we are all as proud as can be for you ......................xx


  1. Congratulations Jim, That is such great news!
    What a place he'll be studying at. Is that nearby where you live?
    Don't you look cute perched upon that seat, Lorna.
    I'm so happy for you guys!

  2. YEH>>>>>>>>>>>Congrats to your hubby. so pleased for both of youxxx

  3. How cool is that!!! I'm sure Jim has earned the right of this honor, hope he enjoys it. What an inspiring place to study. Well done Jim!! happy for you.

  4. That's brilliant news!

    What a beautiful place to study :)


  5. What fabulous news - you must be thrilled - well done Jim.

    The buildings are gorgeous.

    thanks for sharing your excitement.

  6. Wow, how exciting! Go Jim, go......what a beautiful place.....xox

  7. wow!! congrats to Jim!
    is this far from your home? i love that shot looking down the street...the old stone buildings...

    what a beautiful place to be studying...looks like an old castle!

  8. Congratulations all round, its lovely to share in their success.


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