Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sewing Machines A-Go-Go...........

She's so pretty but she was seized solid .I had tried and tried to get her to work but sadly she was a stiff as a board and no amount of coaxing would get her to move ....until...I found Muv......... With Margaret's expert help this little beauty is now whirring away happily and sewing like a dream ....thanks Margaret..........x


  1. That machine is as pretty as a picture

  2. Isn't she beautiful.

    I'm so glad she is working again.... wouldn't we be happier if all things looked this good ?


  3. That is one BEAUTIFUL machine and what a find that site was!

  4. This sewing machine is magnificent, I understand your enjoyment maintaining that it walks! Thank you for Margaret's link, I am going to pass on him to a friend who did not know how to make!

    Beautiful day
    Au plaisir

  5. yay!! what a beautiful machine...i guess maybe she just needed to take a little rest!

  6. Hello Lorna,
    Delighted you have got your machine going!
    It is a 66K, in essence a stretched out version of the 99K, so all the parts are compatible. The design is known as the Lotus, all very Egyptian.
    What are you going to make on it?
    Love Muv

  7. That looks just like my great-grandmas machine did! I'm glad you got it working again. I would love to have one. Maybe some day! xo

  8. what a beautiful machine. I used to have one of these years ago and had to get rid of it when l went to Dubai! sob!! enjoy!xx

  9. Oh she's gorgeous, so glad you got her back working again, something that beautiful should be moving. xox

  10. avec une si jolie machine.. tu fais un beau travail!

  11. Hi, Lorna. Glad you got this machine to work--it is sooooo beautiful! They just don't make them the way they used to. Admittedly, it was mass produced--but with craftsmanship and care. I'm sounding nostalgic: it must be the heat!
    best, nadia


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