Friday, 13 July 2012

Update on Mural...........

Here is the work done by 120 yr 1 children yesterday and today. They made the backgrounds of the postcards yesterday and today they decorated them and a great job they did too ( 5 going on 6 yr olds )........I also had every single one of them operate the foot pedal of my electric sewing machine yesterday and they each 'sewed ' a side of their postcards ........Brilliant fun !!


  1. ow..just amazing. well done ALL of you. I work in my art-school club with some 5 to 6 year olds and l think we under estimate how "good" at things they can be. I am often surprised at what they can achieve when allowed to.x glasd to see you are enjoying self employmentxxlynda

  2. Whee, look what your little protege's did! Somehow I can see who was the mastermind behind this goodness. It will be remembered as the "School of Artymess" in the Annals of Art henceforth.
    I hope they had as much delight in making these as is apparent in the final product.

  3. oh wow, talented class yo have there...i bet they loved it :)

  4. Wow - totally amazing work.

    It shows that they loved it.... I bet they enjoyed pressing your pedal!!!

    Thanks for your comment btw .... I can see that you get what I mean! A non car time sounds a good idea!


  5. Glorious work! I bet they loved being in control of the foot pedal - such excitement at that age.

  6. wow!! GREAT lorna!!!! you're doing a wonderful thing there with these kids!! yeah!


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