Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Thanks Scruff ..(and Faith )

I have recived the most lovely present today in the post ....thank you so much Faith for an amazing pin cushion .....the photo doesn't do it justice it's most gorgeous ..If you haven't visited Faith's blog please do she makes yummy stuff and her dogs are gorgeous too .......xx


  1. Beautiful and wonderfully pre-needled!


  2. So pleased you got them safe and sound as I was getting quite worried with all the wild weather that we have been getting lately, Scruff wags her tail and gives a good bye kissx

  3. That's a mighty sweet pincushion! Haven't done bead work myself I know that is a lot of work to get all those little bitty beads stitched onto this piece. Very nice gift.

    Oh, gorgeous dogs? I better jump over and take a peek....

  4. It looks very beautiful Lorna and what a wonderful gift to receive xx


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