Tuesday, 2 November 2010

GIVEAWAY ...Last chance and some new ATCs ......

last chance to enter the giveaway I am going to draw it this Friday ...quite a quick turnaround but its for the earlybirds ....enter by leaving a comment here Just thought that maybe Autumn colours are influencing my work ..... here's some new ATC cards ...if anyone ever wants to swap just email me ....xx
Me an' the doggies crunching Autumn leaves yesterday morning ....gracie still has half a legging to protect her healing leg.....


  1. Nice ATC's my dear. Lots of rich golds and Fall like colors. Leaf crunching in full force here and bunnies eating up all the maple leaves,
    they love them. Gracie looks none the worse for wear, glad she is mending up and Stitch is so cute. xox Corrine

  2. It's about time for us to do another swap isn't it? I don't have any of your pieces in Arizona yet! Under 3 weeks til we take off. I send you my AZ address and we can talk about which one of mine you'd like unless you want a surprise.
    xoxo Kim

  3. Autaunm colors. What is it ? Tabeaux, pictures, bookbainding, what else ?
    I came trought Elfi 's blog. As a decoretor, I like artists.
    have lived in Londons some years ago with Omega decoration studio. Love London, good souvenirs there.It is in that city I have cought the *tricotomanie* knitting madness. After having stop for a while, I have start a little. You can see it in my blog * les tricots de Béatrice De.
    A little coucou de Lausanne in Switzerland.

  4. The blue jeans cplor of your blog is nice.

  5. One more comment.
    If you go on my blog, *Le Japon que j'aime clic to *Shibori * on the archives and discove this japanese beautifull technique of dying textiles ( You probably allready know ). But I have visited, in Nagoya, un museum where one can see how one or two techniques, out of 60-70 manners, are done. BEAUTIFULL !

  6. They are so beautiful. Love the colors and the Never Again man is calling out to me.

    Hope all is well with you.

  7. such rich colors.
    Thanks for all the nice words you leave on my blog.

  8. Oh what happened to gracie? hope she is feeling better soon....I love the video shot youve done and wow those crunchy munchy leaves!! Im working on something so sooon the postman will flip flap your letterbox faithx

  9. I so love your work Lorna and after seeing it in the art house i love it even more....great colours going on here x

  10. Cool thanks for all your comments
    Corrine I love crunching through leaves ....fun...Stitch is cute but naughty as terriers can be ....xx
    Kim stuff on it's way to you in Arizona ...xx
    Beatrice Nice of you to visit my blog I visited your knitting blog .I love knitting too ........xx
    Madeline Yes all is well here thank you .......never again man is a great stamp I found .........xx
    hi Jill and thanks for kind words here too ...xx
    Faith ...oooh ill look forward to the post ...Gracie had a tumour removed from her leg and split the stitches and is now healing up ..slowly ...xx
    Jennie thank you thats kind .....love your latest ATC ...xx


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