Thursday, 30 September 2010

Croeso Candace .........

Yes she's arrived after an exhausting journey she's finally here ......Augustus was delighted to see his older sister again ....She is quite a strapping lass is Candace .....much more butch than I had anticipated but I guess she has to be to be able to travel all over the world .....I don't think she's a shrinking violet by any means ........we are looking forward to having some adventures together while she stays here ........x

Oh Dear she wants to check out what I've been doing for my exhibition ...(oops not much I'm afraid I'm leaving it till last minute as usual ) .....she wasn't very impressed i'm going to have to get my act in order and our Candace is the gal to crack the whip !!!
The china lion wearing the fascinator was the first one to meet Candace ...well he Is King of the workshop (mmmm or is that Queen ???)

The Teenies got really giggly they have waited for so long to meet her and then they got all coy and silly....One of them fell off the shelf in a daft moment....

The girls were far more grown up about it and invited Candace to high tea tomorrow ......cream scones and cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off I'm guessing......

SSSSHHHHHH......she's fallen asleep in a basket of organza ....sleep tight Candace ....have colourful fabric dreams .....xx


  1. HI Lorna, In her travels Candace must have gotten eye strain, hence the glasses? That is new. Glad she has soooooo many friends at your house
    to cuddle with and socialize. The sneak peak at your exhibition work looks quite intriguing? Can't wait to see what you create in the end, with Candace's help no doubt. xox Corrine

  2. I love these posts of yours Lorna and im sure Candace will have great times with you...cant wait to see where she goes...i shall answer your email soon...just been so busy at the hospital and stuff xx

  3. Corrine yes I did read a post about her glasses I'm sure I think it was the one where she had the eye replacement....she now has one green button eye .....Im trying different things for the exhibition some linocuts I guess I should stick to my familiar stuff thats why I'm blocking I guess....xx
    Jennie i am so looking forward to hearing about your new course ....good luck with it you will be brilliant....xx

  4. It's just like Candace to show up and distract you from your getting ready for the exhibition. I've been getting envious of her travels and may have to follow her journey myself someday. It was funny to visit Corrine and realize that Candace had already been there before me!
    I'm so happy to see her in the comfort of your home with the Teenies and Artoogus. I'm also infinitely grateful to Candace that she paved the way to our friendship.
    xoxo Kim

  5. Bless you Kim thats true without Candace everything would have been so different .......i am so looking forward to having her stay ......she has got me on track already I have finished 2 pieces of work since she arrived .....good old Candace .....xx

  6. Hi Lorna, long time no see, havnt been posting much after the hols but think I am back on track now, thank you for your lovely comment, as for candace shes so sweet and lots of funky friends to keep her company glad life can be so entertaining as otherwise it would be as dull as ditchwater have a fun weekend take care ju x

  7. Isn't she adorable. I love prim dollies
    Have fun xo

  8. Candace is GREAT! but since i am new here,
    i don't know her story...
    LOTS good energy here on your blog...
    thanks for visiting windthread


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