Saturday, 11 September 2010

Hello Anne (Cardinal Arts)....Hello again Brighton

Brighton seems to be our second home at the moment we went to see Anne's (from Cardinal Arts) was wonderful to see her lovely work in 'real' life's a little snippet from the day..........x

Mosaics seem to be the order of the day in Brighton..........


  1. thanks so much for coming!! too bad I didn't smile for the camera ;P
    was really nice to meet you in person

  2. Wonderful mosaics. I love areas where their are mosaics everywhere, being such a coloraholic like you. Lovely exhibition, lucky you....xox Corrine

  3. great photos! lucky you! I would love to see her work in person too! you both look so great and the art is wonderful!

  4. Wonderful photos. Loved the Day Of The Dead Stitched piece in your previous post too.. :O)

  5. You make Brighton seem so bright. You always find the best things to photograph Lorna!
    Nice work Cardinal Arts!
    xoxo Kim

  6. lovely mosaics & textile art! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Anne it was great to see your work in 'real'life.......x
    Corrine I have been to Brighton quite a bit recently but I just seemed to home in on lots of mosaics that i hadn't noticed before.....x
    Cat it was great to see anee's work it's lovely there were two other artists exhibiting too Anne Kelly and Cas Holmes lots of ideas and inspiration .....x
    thanks Cathy the day of the dead piece was an ATC and I made a cobweb to cover it .it was a halloween swap....x
    Kim Brighton is bright lots of colourful people too great fun place ........x

  8. You were lucky to see Cas Holmes and Anne Kellys work in person - I am enjoying the new book with examples of both their work in it.

  9. Yes their work was a bit special ..x

  10. Oh no I arrived in Brighton around lunchtime on the 12th of Sep,went to see our son, would have been great to meet for a coffee:) wish I had known about the exhibition,I remember seeing the skull mosaic though.


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