Saturday, 20 February 2010


This is the last bit of 'space' I have left in my workroom at the moment. He He .....I think I need a sort out ........Does anyone know how I can take myself off my followers list I added myself by mistake........Oops


  1. Oh LORNA!!I am like this too when I get going. I just HAVE to get out every bit of wool, or fabric....he,he!! You really do need to see how all the colours work by getting them out and spreading them out. Good luck with the tidying.

  2. Hi Judy unfortunately I rarely tidy .....but i am getting to that point now my area is so small I have 3 tables in my room and the other 2 are full not an inch of space I need to de clutter ????? xx

  3. Lorna I came to your blog like you suggested, It's very nice over here.
    I have a big house and 3 daughters have left, so I've spread out into Kari's & Rhiannon's rooms as well as my little sewing area, the pool table, part of the kitchen and bits in between. I have my eye on Ed's shed for dyeing stuff and I have filled my cupboards BUT hell it is fun. I have to pull everything out to find that "thing" I'm searching for the vim that pulls the piece together. that's what makes us who we are.


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