Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Spring walk and Pooh sticks

Had a lovely spring walk today to the river with jim and Ruby and the dogs.The sun was warm and the sky blue it was perfect. We walked through the woods and down to the river. Gracie normally loves the water but she was reluctant to go in today I guess it was too cold. Jim and Roo played Pooh sticks and enjoyed the spring sunshine. We later went down to Solent water to Royal Victoria Country park with Joss..........did some beach combing, collected lovely smooth bits of glass ...maybe for my next project.

Press Play to see Pooh Sticks


  1. Sounds like a lovely place to walk, i also love to walk my dog.

  2. Hi Jennie I'm lucky as the river is a short walk from behind my house .......have you been to Royal Victoria Country Park its worth a visit ..........Lorna

  3. Cute! And YES! Your guy has quite the dreads!
    Thanks so much for coming by my blog today and do come again. My daily journal blog is found at but is really called Getting My Feet Wet.

    So Pooh Sticks is tossing a stick in on one side of the bridge and seeing whose gets to the other side first then? fun game, cute kid!

  4. PS Love all your textile art! ATCS etc.


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