Monday, 22 February 2010

Work in progress

This project I started a while ago but came to a stop for whatever reason ....I have to make the last quarter of the flower then I am either going to mount it as a wall hanging or put each one in a separate frame .....any thoughts??? the flower sections are done in layers
1st layer dye on cotton
2nd pieces of fabric stuck on with pritt stick
3rd cut up pieces of fabric gold and sparkly sprinkled in places
4th organza layered over the top
5th machine stitched to show shape of petals
6th hand stitching mainly French knots which is one of my favourite stitches (along with lazy daisy)
I made the first one as an example for my pupils to try experimenting then got carried away you do !!! x


  1. Oh Lorna!!I ADORE this piece. You just HAVE to finish it!! Might have a try at your method, as the layering is so "yummy". I love the bright colours too. They shout out that LIFE is a CELEBRATION!!!I have all your cards in front of me and I am doing(wait for it) EMBROIDERY!! he,he.
    Love Judyxx

  2. this is GORGEOUS! as usual, your colours are just so vibrant.......and love the layering and stitching too
    looking forward to seeing the last piece

  3. Wow...So pretty and well done. Even if you frame each individually hanging them as one flower will be my choice and look outstanding!
    Or "frame" them each separately with a binding perhaps.

    Question: Are the little pink flowers on fabric or painted by you?

  4. Hi Judy,Anne and Lynne thanks for great comments ...........i enjoyed making these and i must finish it .....the little pink flowers are just a printed fabric ......but now you mention it it may be a nice idea to paint a fabric for one of the layers .....mmmmm leave me with that one ....Lorna x

  5. O might have ago at this....its stunning Lorna and so glad i have got to see it....i think it would look nice in one long frame each with an aperture surround..

  6. Yep Lorna with four mounts....thanks for stopping by my blog xx Jennie

  7. Magnifique travail! I believe that I would put every piece on a bottom by leaving a space and by connecting them with a light machine work then I would frame it. My English is not good but I think that you understood me.

  8. merci cecile de vos commentaires oui que je comprends que ce que voulez dire vous et votre anglais est meilleur que mon Français

  9. the set is beautiful and i feel quite inspired to have a go at something adventurous like this! maisy x


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