Sunday, 10 November 2013

Welcome to the Wool House ...

Thank you my lovely friends for such a warm welcome back to blogland ....Today we went to The Wool House run by Element Arts. Its a fantastic Mediaeval building which Element Arts were hoping to run as an exhibition space and music venue ...alas Southampton City Council in their wisdom (ahem !!) think This wonderful place would be better off as a pub ......speechless !! so the project will be finishing almost as soon as it's started ...Well done Southampton City Council you must be very proud ....Anyway Jim was playing there today and a jolly good time was had by all ....:)Here are some pics of the gorgeousness of the timbered roof and my lovely Jim ....


  1. what a great exhibition space that would have been! Good to see you back, you inspire me to get my pen out ;)

  2. un retour qui fait plaisir! biz


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