Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sophie at the Tower......

Sophie sings for the Tower of London choir and I went to hear her sing at The Tower and then we did the touristy bit .... Unfortunatley I wasn't allowed to take any photos in the Church .....
They did have an elephant at the Tower but it only lived a short time as the public fed it ice creams ....:(


  1. Fascinating, what's written or carved in that stonework? Looks like runes or something.....Where did that elephant come from? What are you up to. We haven't email chatted in a while. Fill me in. xox

  2. j'amais visité l'angleterre... j'ai pourtant ma soeur qui y habite depuis xxxx années ..

  3. YOu have the most fabulous adventures! Love to see your blog again.

  4. I am just at The Tower;not really but I am reading 'Bring Up the Bodies' and Ann Boleyn is awaiting execution. It feels v. real, and the elephant is mentioned.
    I like the tattoo!

  5. Love visiting this place...l am so lucky to live in Londonx Glad you had funxx

  6. What a brilliant day out! I've just listened to Sophie on the Christmas broadcast... beautiful voice, gorgeous.



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