Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Brighton Tattoo Festival........

Welcome to the Brighton Tattoo Festival .....enjoy the delicious sights ........
there were loads of tattoo artists ...we saw some superb art work........
There was a bit of an art gallery ....this was an amazing mosaic about 4 foot .....

These brilliant hands were done with pyrography old craft brought bang up to date
Brighton Tattoo Festival .......and no I didn't get inked this time ....x


  1. tu as encore de la place sur tes bras?...
    ...ou un rat sur le dos? :))

  2. That looks like an amazing place! I love those hands- very cool style.
    Didn't you get any new ones? Oh, I would have been tempted!

  3. yes, I am getting sorely tempted......

  4. Hey Lorna, LOng time no visit, but I always catch up with you eventually. I see you have not lost any of your creative spirit; quite the opposite in fact! Your blog is absolutely brilliant with colours :-)

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog and the lovely comment. Looks like you had a good day in Brighton, love those hands :)

  6. like those wood burning at the moment

  7. Very cool festival! I don't have any tats myself but find them rather fascinating, seeing what people choose for themselves. Thanks for sharing.


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