Thursday, 11 October 2012

Work and Woof.........

Saw these darlings at the RSPCA rescue the other day ..........


  1. Just catching up on your posts. always amazed by how bold and rich your color choices are..and they are always perfect!

  2. les chiens sont exceptionnels! :))

  3. OH those are such well behaved doggies...
    all sitting pretty and posing for the pictures!! =)

  4. Lovely work again Lorna, pretty colours so sweet with the lace.

    Ahh.... I remember those dog collection boxes from when I was little! I had forgotten all about them.


  5. Marvie stitching Lorna, love the netting over the stitch. Are those ceramic pups? xox

  6. Those are my kind of dogs, so obedient and orderly. Is that a British dog team?
    I do love your shimmery bits up top. ...magical!

  7. That is very funny, I thought they were all very well behaved doggies at first. Then realised they were statues. I am showing my age but remember when a lot of people had those statues in their homes. Since you are interested in rescue dogs thought you might like to look at this link to a site that promotes rescue dogs.


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