Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The twins have arrived........

Yesterday the twins arrived ....from Bertram and Berneice who are coming to live with me alongside their brother Augustus and sisters Leggy Lizzy and the beautiful Celeste ......They helped me hand sew the mural ....below a step by step of piecing together the Textile mural I worked on in the Primary school fingers are now raw from hand sewing for days and days every piece is hand sewn on ........:)
These first three pics are pics of the mural on my bed while I hand sew...... to prevent my stitching it to my duvet I have a piece of wood under the bit I am sewing. The mural is just the right height for me to sew without too much discomfort for my back.
Step 1 placing strips of fabric and flowers made by Yr R
Joss helped me cut out butterflies and place all the pieces ........
The centre will have a diamond in the middle......have to piece that together today
A very tired hand sewing pixie .......xx


  1. Well - hand sewing pixie - you have done an amazing job - the children will be so pleased to see what has happened to their wonderful handiwork. x jo

  2. lorna what a truly amazing piece of work.... a labour of love

    everyone will LOVE it when they see it.... is it going to hang up at school?


  3. How lucky the twins are to get to rest upon the mural after their long flight from Alaska. They must feel so welcomed and comforted to be greeted by such textile loveliness.

  4. la reine parmi ces sujets...:)))

  5. Lorna - It looks fantastic - worth every stitch!
    xx Muv

  6. That's an amazing piece of work!

  7. wow lorna!! that is truly something to be admired!! and that's a lot of hand sewing...i hope you don't have any aggravation in your back & hand!!

    BEAUTIFUL mural!!!!!!

  8. Oh my! LOOK at you and that amazing piece of work!!!!!!!!!!!!


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