Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Welcome to the West Wing

Welcome to The West Wing .......
Had a bit of a tidy up today in the studio..........
had to take some pics as it won't be like this tomorrow.....
Got these little drawers from the dump ...I LOVE little drawers ...great for filling up with STUFF......


  1. Looking good. Better than my stuff now! It's bad again. Ah well, at least we are always creating right??? xox

  2. Tiny drawers can hold some tiny treasures..... Have fun tomorrow....

  3. Tidying up is so good for the soul isn't it? And yours is very very tidy :-)

  4. I love little boxes in much the same way. Thanks for the glimpse into your creative space. Hugs.

  5. I loved the visit to the West Wing!!!

    Great find at the dump!!!!



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