Monday, 10 September 2012

Hey Mickey you're so fine ..........I

Introducing Mickey who up to yesterday afternoon was an inmate at the RSPCA Stubbington Ark......Today he is living the life of Riley being fed yoghurt and grapes on our bed ....he'll be spoiled rotten is a little video of the girls loving being fed strawberry yoghurt ...their favourite ......x


  1. Cute! I had a rat in highscool and thought they were awesome....
    but, when I moved to Olympia the house we rented had rats in it and we could hear them running around in the walls at night and chewing. Now, they freak me out. haha!

  2. I envy your rats. The attention, the food, the decor, Gracie as a roomate, the love from you. Ah, the life. oxoxo

  3. But can you change the spelling to Mikky cause you know Mik is Kim backwards and Mickey is a mouse anyway. I'm glad they're getting their proper probiotics.

  4. You two are as wacky with your companions as we are! LOL xox


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