Thursday, 19 April 2012

I smell a rat ...or two ...or three .....

Went to Stubbington Ark Rescue RSPCA on Sunday and came away having reserved 3 rats!!!..........we picked them up today and they are safely in their new home ...Meet Dotty, Ditsy and Chunky.....I have never had a rat as a pet before and I was a bit apprehensive but they are quite adorable ......Have you had a rat as a pet ?......x

Some new ATCs


  1. Will you be changing your name to Rattymess?
    Nice to see some ATC's coming from you again.
    xoxo Kim

  2. Are they all the same gender???
    Me thinks you could have 33 rats in a very short time otherwise lol!
    They are cute.
    I understand they are very intelligent too.


    Sandie xx

  3. Your new babies are adorable! And I love your new ATCs, too.

  4. Have never had a rat, let alone THREE! They are supposed to be highly intelligent however.
    Love that little touch on the ATC with Freda Kahlo where you embroidered the flowers onto her hair.

  5. not sure about the rats. Make my skin crawl a bit.

  6. Welcome home indeed. How sweet. I have never had a rat as a pet but a friend of mine has one. She says she loves them for pets. I know you can let them out and that they will ride around on your shoulder and stuff. Okay, that is all I remember. I think you will really love them.

  7. I was given two white rats that were acquired for a snake to eat. They had too many rats and were worried that their kids would get fond of them. Then it would have been too traumatic for the kids to see the snake eating them,
    One of them only had three legs, so I called him Pegleg. They were great pets, you will enjoy them.
    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny, TX.

  8. Your rats are sweet.....

    'rat' is such a horrible name isn't it? gerbil, hamster and mouse sound much nicer....

    I like the names you choose for yours - they are pretty big aren't they? I have to admit I do find rats a little bit scary generally - but yours look cute and their cage looks fun and entertaining for them and you :)

    I just read that back and I sound about 6!!!

    Have a great weekend


  9. Love those inquisitive noses. I have not had rats, my neighbor's son has. They are quite intelligent I believe so should be quite fun to watch. My pups would go after them so I wouldn't dare. Had a hard enough time with guinea pigs when Jay was small, had a very sturdy very big cage for them David built to keep them apart. Love the Frida pieces in their wooly goodness. xox

  10. I forgot to say earlier that I love the warm colours of your Frieda inspired atcs... and the textures and of course the stitching

    I also forgot to say (what am I like?) that the caravan is there because my nan and granddad had a caravan in selsey and I spent alot of time there with them when i was little.... and also my parents had touring caravans - we used to take them abroad mainly.... good fun and happy memories

  11. Your rats look adorable, well done you for giving them a lovely home. Don't think I'd better get some with my furry boys, too much like asking for trouble, lol. Loving the ATCs :)

  12. love your new art lorna!

    i had a rat...a looong time ago...they're so cute...and SMART! hopefully they are all the same sex...because if not...well, you'll have one HUGE family in no time!!

  13. OH, and i forgot to mkention...i love their little comfy sling thing!


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