Thursday, 11 August 2011

Some Etsy goodies..........

Gorgeousness from Jackie

A beautiful needlecase from Suzy

Danny Mansmith........the Dancing Prince free machine embroidered brooch.......

Carissa Rose prints from original paintings

Elle JW Prints of original paintings of my most favourite dogs........

beautiful woodcut print by Rick Beerhorst

I have been whiling away my time over the past 6 weeks on Etsy (One advantage of being laid up )and have just started to receive all the goodies I have bought ...... here are a few ......Hope you enjoy them as much as me ......x


  1. Your Etsy shop looks great! I tooled around there yesterday. Best of luck with it. xo

  2. j'aime ce prince dansant! bonne soirée..

  3. I'm lucky enough to have one of Jackies lovely brooches ans I love that doggie print, you h ave been busy buying!

  4. I love your collection from some of my favorites :)

  5. Nice stuff! The Etsy community is richer (literally and figuratively) with your participation. I'm safe from shopping with this dial-up, I can't even access my own site anymore on Etsy. I did go on a bit of a spree with ephemera the other night with my friend's wifi, ha!
    Do heal up soon, Lorna.
    xoxo Kim

  6. you have chosen some pretty cool stuff there...but i think yours is the bestest :) by far!

  7. Etsy ~ yet another destination I know about but which may be dangerous for me and for which I cannot find one more moment in the day to go cruising . . to my sorrow. I love Jackie's flowers and the Dancing Prince. And - oh! - the skeleton art. Lorna, would you allow me to duplicate some of your photos to use as I use general illustrations on my blog? Please. And speaking of pleases, it will please me when you can post "all clear, no back problems". Be well.

  8. wow, what a collection of goodies, love them all. Are you up and about? I've not been here for a week so fill me in darlin!xox Corrine


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