Sunday, 8 May 2011

Ride a Blue Swan and Dinosaur Poo ....

Natural History Museum in PortsmouthLaura I thought of you when I took these pics .... (Also update on the mad machinist here)


  1. Go Jim, go! Looks like a fun day. Were you all pooped out when it was over?
    xoxo Kim

  2. OOOhhhhh I love that sort of an outing. I, have to admit, I have some fossilized dinosaur poo. I love fossils and for Christmas one year.... ;)))

  3. Another wonderful outing shared with us! Thank you, Lorna. The swan boat looks fun. I was accosted by a swan once near - I'm pretty sure - Salisbury. He nailed me good with his beak for no apparent reason. :~{ I kind of liked him until then.

  4. You guys do the most fun things! thanks for sharing.

  5. lorna!! i'm sure glad u pointed me in this direction...i might've missed it...because i'm so far behind!!

    the blue-beaked swan is gorgeous!
    your...granddaughter(?) is the cutest!!

    BUT the FOSSILIZED POOP!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!

    i don't remember seeing any of THAT in our natural history museum here in town!!
    what a TREAT!! hahahahaaaaa.....
    loved it lorna!! especially your post title!

    thanks! :]


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