Sunday, 23 December 2012

It's the Mummers it must be nearly Christmas....

This St George ready to do battle with The Turk
this Mummer carries his wife and children on his back ....... It is that time of year when The Mummers appear and perform for all in Otterbourne ......the history bit ...... Mummers Plays (also known as mumming) are seasonal folk plays performed by troupes of actors known as mummers or guisers (or by local names such as rhymers, pace-eggers, soulers, tipteerers, galoshins, guysers, and so on), originally from the British Isles (see wrenboys), but later in other parts of the world. They are sometimes performed in the street but more usually as house-to-house visits and in public houses. Although the term mummers has been used since medieval times, no play scripts or performance details survive from that era, and the term may have been used loosely to describe performers of several different kinds. Mumming may have precedents in German and French carnival customs, with rare but close parallels also in late medieval England (see below). The earliest evidence of mummers' plays as they are known today (usually involving a magical cure by a quack doctor) is from the mid to late 18th century. A great way to start Cristmas.......


  1. thank you for introducing me to mumming and mummers!!! New for me! Fun. Love all that fabric hanging like walking art!

    Wishing you a happy holiday season and a creative new year!

  2. Hi Lorna...I enjoy reading your have such interesting posts with your textile work, life with your family and local customs/folklore.....hope you have a great Christmas and a wonderful 2013.......cheers from down under......Cathy

  3. Bet St. George gave The Turk a fright and a jolly good pasting.

    Happy Christmas Lorna!


  4. Something I have always wanted to see Lorna! Have a great Christmas and New Year.

  5. i thought i left a message here....hmmmm

    the mummers dance...reminds me of the Loreena McKennet MUMMER song....

    merry merry!! =)


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